Kirby Morgan Hat Technician Course

3 Days  Note: Minimum of 4 students required for course to commence  

* Training allows usage of all of dedicated KMDSI SEADOG Diving Helmets and specific purchased training aids for DIVE LAB USA

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 Course Duration Start Date  End Date 


 Hat Tech : 3 days TBATBAR13 130.00 (Breakfast and lunch)

*R13 820.00 (with accommodation)

Trainee  Entry Criteria 

For all dive tenders, dive techs, commercial divers and Supervisors.

It teaches how to perform routine maintenance, inspections, and repair of Kirby Morgan Helmets and BandMasks and instructs personnel in the KMDSI/Dive Lab recommended configuration and use of KMDSI Helmets and BandMasks.

NOTE: This course is required to complete the DIVE TECHNICIAN TRAINING 

Trainee Air Diving Equipment Technician Course

10 Days  Note: Minimum of 4 students required for course to commence  

*The Dive Technician will be responsible for overseeing and carrying out all mechanical & electrical repairs, overhauls, maintenance and upgrades on both air and nitrox diving systems equipment.

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 Course Duration Start Date  End Date 


Dive Tech : 10 days Course 1:
28 Oct 2019 

Course 2:
25 Nov 2019
Course 1:
06 Nov 2019

Course 2:
06 Dec 2019
R25 770.00 (Breakfast and lunch)

*R29 565.00 (with accommodation)

Trainee  Entry Criteria 

New entrants to the industry should be treated as trainees until deemed competent to work unsupervised. 

Trainees should normally hold a formal qualification awarded by a recognised national body in one of the following subjects: 

  • electronics technician, mechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering, electrical engineering, marine engineering, motor vehicle engineering, aviation technician (any discipline) 
  • agricultural machinery maintenance and repair, plumbing, shipbuilding, telecommunications or 
  • have completed a recognised Trade Apprenticeship in a relevant trade. 
  • SEND YOU CV to and our instructor will let you know if you meet the criteria

The trainee’s employer should define a training programme for each individual commensurate with his/her previous experience and the type of equipment and type of operation on which he/she will be working. It is expected that some elements of basic training can be performed ‘on the job’ and some by attendance at various courses which are available through commercial training establishments and equipment suppliers and manufacturers. The training plan for a trainee should be an integral part of the company’s competence assurance and assessment scheme for trainee dive technicians.