Chamber Operators

posted 27 Aug 2015, 03:33 by Administration Seadog   [ updated 27 Jan 2016, 06:00 ]


COURSE:             Chamber Operators course

DURATION:         5 Days

DATES:                To be confirmed                      

VENUE:                SEADOG Commercial Diving School, 21 Main Road, Saldanha, SA, 7395

REGISTRATION : Commences 08:00 Monday

This Chamber Operators course qualifies the course candidate to operate a chamber under the supervision of a Diving Supervisor.  The course teaches the students the minimum required theory and practical skills in line with internationally accepted standards to allow the qualified candidate to be able to apply his basic knowledge and skills on any chamber. 


Please bring the following for registration:

  • 2 x colour ID/Passport photographs
  • 2 x ID/Passport copy
  • 1 x copy of in-date dive medical
  • 1 x copy of in-date first aid certificate