How Do I Get Started?

If you are considering a career in diving, the following minimum requirements have to be met: Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a student not being permitted to commence training:
  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • A valid, in-date commercial diving medical certificate performed by a doctor qualified in hyperbaric medicine (your recreational medical certificate is not acceptable). This certificate must be valid for the duration of your course.

  • Be a competent swimmer - Note: competence will be demonstrated by completing 300 meter freestyle swim and breath hold for a minimum of 20 seconds, swim 25m underwater, recover an object from 5m underwater and tread water for 1 minute.

  • Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and fractions, calculate percentages, and solve simple formulas i.e. gas laws.

  • Must be competent in the English Language - understand written and verbal communications in English and be able to communicate with other people. SEADOG will not allow any student to complete training if  they cannot communicate freely in the English Language. Limited command of the English Language severely compromises the safety of training.

I've passed the criteria, what is the next step?
An enrolment form can be downloaded from Enrolment Forms and Documents .

All enrollments and/ or inquiries are processed via email. SEADOG will not process any telephonic bookings. All training inquiries will be dealt with via 

  • Undergo an initial diving medical in accordance with the Department of Labour of South Africa regulations. Foreign students should undergo a medical examination in their country of origin in order to establish whether they are fit or unfit to dive, prior to paying course fees and incurring travel expenses. It is especially important to have your ears checked to ensure you have no ear drum perforations and you have the ability to equalize.We recommend that you arrive before the course commences in order to undergo your South African diving medical. You will not be able to commence training if you are not in possession of a valid SA diving medical. No person can become a diver if they have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma or epilepsy.

  • Complete a course enrollment form in full, as per instructions. Email the form, together with supporting documentation to

  • Upon receipt and verification of all information received, the school will provide you with written confirmation of acceptance of your application and a pro-forma invoice.

  • You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit, per level of training you are booking, to secure your booking. Full course fees are payable two weeks prior to course commencement date.

Only once the full course fees have been received in the nominated SEADOG banking account, your booking will be guaranteed and you will be assigned a student number. 

SEADOG  will provide you with all necessary documentation ie letters of invitation, etc. in support of any visa applications, if required.