SEADOG 24/7 DIVING SERVICES - +27 (0)82 567 7078


SEADOG is a licensed Port Operator offering Diving Services – TPNA DNVG SLD – 003

Due to the unique location of SEADOG within the Port of Saldanha, SEADOG SERVICES has a team of divers available on 24 hour call for the provision of underwater inspection, repair, maintenance and related support services to the Shipping, Marine, Civils and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

Diving can be carried out using land based mobile units or one of the SEADOG VESSELS

FLYING SCOTT  (inboard Diesel)     12.2m  -      Surface Supply Dive Tender with Safety Boat

WESTWIND  (outboard Petrol)     9m    - Surface Supply Dive Tender with Safety Boat

KALYPSO  - (outboard Petrol)     9 m  -   Surface Supply Dive Tender with Safety Boat

SCREAMING SKULL - (outboard Petrol) 9m -      SCUBA Replacement

Dive tender’s equipment consists of:

  • Dive Control equipment

  • Umbilicals

  • LP primary and HP Air back up

  • Communications including  CCTv

  • Diving ladder