Through compliance, cooperative programs  and strong leadership the staff of SEADOG integrates the use of South African Training standards and international guidance from IMCA, IOGP and IDSA to ensure training is current and industry related.

Occupational Health and Safety is a fundamental aspect of commercial diving and SEADOG is directed by Bridget Thomson (Mamma Africa!) 

Registered Nurse  - post grad degree Occupational Health.

Diving and Submarine Medicine

Diving Supervisor

IMCA Diver medic Course Director

KMDSI Hat Technician

SEADOG'S training commences with safety awareness and hazard identification to ensure students can manage their own health and safety.

SEADOG is the first South African school to have adopted the principles of training under the South African Qualifications Authority and actively participates  with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). A Quality Council established in terms of the Skills Development Act.  Its role is to oversee the design, implementation, assessment and certification of occupational qualifications.

Instructors and Supervisors are trained in Advanced Facilitation Skills,  Supervisory Management Skills and Coaching and Mentoring over and above their  normal Diving supervisory roles. 

IMCA Supervisor Instructor 
Dan Harvey 
President at Persian Offshore
South African Navy Mixed Gas (first on course)
South African Class 2 Air Diver (50m) Cert No 2428
South African Class Two Supervisor (50m) Cert No 4203
IMCA Air Diving Supervisor Cert No 6631
French Class 3 (mixed gas/closed bell) Cert No 070/06 111A
Lloyds Diver Inspector Ticket Cert No MSL 0604002/03
IMCA Diver Medic Cert No C-DOCDM/040614 
Kirby Morgan Hat Technician Cert No DI 366
Assistant Life Support Technician 
Hydro weld underwater vertical welding course
Diving Auditors Course (NHC)

IMCA Supervisor Instructor 

Shawn Elliott
Class II Instructor

Jan Le Roux 
Class III Supervisor
Class II Commercial Diver

Maintenance Support 

Louis Carosini
SEADOG Services
Vessels & Maintenance Manager
Previous Chief Petty Officer in charge of the
small craft service centre in the SANDF

Coxswain on the Namacurras for 11 years at SAS SALDANHA. Instructor - Seamanship Training
Class II Commercial Diver


SEADOG Superintendent - Anthony Hay-Buchanan
Papa Ant - our walking encylopeadia!
SAQA Facilitator - Assessor 
Offshore Supervisor
Class II Chief Instructor
Started Commercial Diving 1965
North Sea Air Diver 1976
Civil works, harbour, shipping diver 
Diamond diver - 1981 
Supervisor Instructor  - Dawn Diamonds 
Superintendant /Instructor - Transhex 
Business owner  - Undersea Diamond Mining /Sea Hawk 

Winfried "Skinny Swim" Fortmann 
Class II Supervisor

Marthinus Cook
Class II Assistant Instructor
Class II Commercial Diver
Equipment maintenance
SEADOG Biokinetics  -  Fitness Instructor


Brett Prinsloo
Bruce Carey
Dive Technician and Hat Instructors

Belinda Van Dijk 
& Elsie 


Sameh Gad
Representitive for Arabic Countries


Juliette "Moroc"Van Vuuren
Business Development Manager 
B.Com Degree in business economics and industrial psychology

Helani Hendrikse
DOL Student Records Administrator 
Class II Commercial Diver

Keanan Basson  
Class IV Supervisor
Class II Commercial Diver 
Recreational Dive master - SCUBA
Equipment maintenance
SEADOG Biokinetics  -  Fitness Instructor


Nicolene Swart
Registered Nurse  - Theatre nurse 
IMCA DMT assistant Instructor  (7 years) 
Emergency Room Instructor for DMT students
SAQA Assessor and Facilitator Advanced Facilitation Skills Training 

Barbar Amore
Registered Nurse
Document Specialist
IMCA DMT assistant Instructor 
Neil Marsh
DMT Instructor

(From Left): Cynthia Fortuin, 
Catherine August,Dora Williams, Junior Tsumele.

Francois Louw 
Registered Operational Emergency Care Orderly 
Pharmacy Assistants , Chamber operator, Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor 
Assessor, Moderator and designer of outcome based educational programs 
Basic Emergency Care medical supplies  - Designer and Manufacturer of customised medical bags  - DMAC 015 
12 years at sea and training maritime emergency care 
Ops - Antartica, Marion Island Mauritius etc....