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Location: 21-23 Main Road  - Saldanha Bay - South Africa 

Our Mission:

At SEADOG, we are committed to providing quality, progressive education using outcome-based skills training and the development of individuals.
We support student-centered learning to ensure that individuals trained at SEADOG demonstrate competency through a combination of knowledge, understanding and skills that produce optimal performance and safe working practices within the global civil works and offshore, oil and gas industries.


SEADOG is located in Saldanha Bay, approximately 120km from Cape Town, on the West Coast of South Africa.

The closest airport is Cape Town International. 

The Port of Saldanha is the deepest and largest natural port in the Southern Hemisphere. It is ideally located to hold a dominant position in the growth of the oil and gas industry.

All diving operations are carried out from the private jetty at SEADOG. The quiet waters within the bay are ideal before the trainees are exposed to the rigors of diving in the open ocean on one of SEADOG's dedicated diving vessels.

Why Train at SEADOG Commercial Diving School?
  • Realistic Training - SEADOG's unique location on 700m's of water front with a private training jetty, provides the trainee with realistic conditions, as we strive to stay away from easier benign water and quarry diving, this ensures optimal waterman ship, seamanship and diver training.
  • Staff Compliment - Each 4 week module is run by a qualified facilitator and assistant. Registered assessors are tasked as a supportive guides to encourage the success of the learner through the training program. (Ref: National Qualifications framework)
  • Safety Induction  - Occupational Health and safety in the work place and the requirements for the use of Personal Protective Equipment, good house keeping and emergency procedures.    
  • Biokinetic Evaluation  - Determine the individuals ability to safely perform the physical requirements of commercial diving. Exercise testing remains a valuable and important component of the diver medical assessment. (ref DMAC Statement on Exercise testing) 
  • Watermanship Training  - SEADOG's policy is to conduct activities in such a way to consider the health and safety of student divers. Diving is a safety critical and physical demanding task and for those reasons divers require adequate reserves of physical fitness. Above average levels of physical fitness and endurance training are considered go be protective against decompression illness and provide protection against other health risks.
  • Seamanship - All diver training is SEA GOING on one of the 5 dedicated diving vessels. This improves the requirement of Seamanship, personal safety at sea and basic rigging
  • Working at Heights  - Falls from height are a serious problem in the offshore industry . SEADOG promotes the safety awareness when working at height. Skills training is to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and attitudes to work at height safely. 
  • Commercial Diver TrainingSEADOG is a training centre designed to enhance the ability of our clients to achieve improved quality of life in a sustainable way through delivering quality accredited skills programs.
    • Class IV - SCUBA - 4 week Module  - Dedicated Facilitator and assistant - Dedicated vessels - Screaming Skull and Seaker
    • Class III - Surface Supplied Inshore - 4 week Module - Dedicated Facilitator and assistant - Dedicated vessels - Kalypso (Flying Scott)
    • Class II - Surface Supply Offshore - 4 week Module - Dedicated Facilitator and assistant - dedicated vessels - Westwind (FlyingScott)
  • Maintenance and Dive Technicians - SEADOG boasts a fully equipped maintenance team to safely maintain diving equipment and ensure system maintenance with knowledge of relevant legislation and industry standards. 
    • SEADOG is the only training school in South African trained by Dive Lab  (USA)  and Authorised to train User Operator and Hat Technician courses. Promoting optimal technical performance in relation to Human performance 
    • Surface supply Diving Equipment, breathing requirements and recommendations for Kirby Morgan helmets and band masks
  • DoL Recognised First Aid Training Centre  (Levels 1-3) - C-DOC health care professionals provide first aid training and Emergency Response Procedure  (ERP) training. 
  • IMCA Diver Medic Training Facility - C-DOC is audited by IMCA and provides training required for offshore medics on completion on the final Class II Module.
  • Transport - Meet and Greet Service - West Coast link  - Private professional transport Service to assist you effortlessly between Cape Town International and SEADOG diving school. 
  • Accommodation and Catering - Onsite divers accommodation - The Hard Hat and 2 private Diving Houses within walking distance (50 metres !) Catering with international cuisine and extreme hospitality!
  • Other Courses: 
    • Chamber Attendant Course
    • Chamber Operators Course 
    • Air Diver Technician Courses 
    • Kirby Morgan Hat Technician Authorised  training centre
    • IMCA Diver medic 
    • IMCA Air Diving Supervisors (TADS)

SEADOG is a training centre designed to enhance the ability of our clients to achieve improved quality of life in a sustainable way through delivering quality accredited skills programs.  

SEADOG offers an affordable 12 week trade in commercial diving  and provides the graduate with immediately useful skills to enter the civil works industry with the progression to the possibilities of a lucrative job in offshore, oil and gas. 

Applicants may consider a career in commercial diving as a less costly alternative to attending university or college.


DOL Commercial Diver Training courses 
  1. Offshore Commercial Diver - Oil and Gas - Full Package  - 12 weeks (IMCA recognised DOL Class II Diving permit)

  2. Inshore Commercial Diver - Civil Works and Diamonds-  8 weeks (DOL Class III Diving permit)

  3. Offshore Commercial Diver - Oil and Gas - Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Package  8 weeks (IMCA recognised DOL Class II Diving permit)


  4. IMCA Diver Medic  - C-DOC  - 2 weeks

  5. IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor  - C-DOC  - 2 weeks


  6. Kirby Morgan  - User Operator Course  - 3 Days 
  7. Kirby Morgan  - Hat Technician training - 3 Days (*SEADOG is the only school in SA to be authorised to train Kirby Morgan user operator and technician courses)
  8. Trainee Dive Technician  - 10 Days 

Commercial Diving graduates can follow further career opportunities in the following areas:
  • Inspection Diver (CSWIP)
  • Coded Welder
  • Saturation Diver
  • ROV Pilot/Technician
  • Dive Systems Technician
  • Life support Technician

First Aid Training (DOL Registration No. 6I626)
  • Training is provided by registered Health Care Professionals with experience in the emergency medical environment and diving medicine Instructors all maintain a voluntary work schedule in the local trauma unit to ensure crisp knowledge and latest protocols.
  • Level I (Basic) First Aid                                                           Duration: 16 Hours (2 days)
  • Level 2 (Intermediate) First Aid                                                Duration: 32 Hours (4 days)
  • Level 3 (Advanced First Aid                                                     Duration: 40 hours (5 days)
South African Marine Training (SAMSA)
  • Maritime First Aid Training Facility STCW 95
1. Elementary First Aid (STCW-95 code A-VI/1-3)                                Duration: 2 Days
2. First Aid at Sea (STCW-95 code A-VI/4-2)                                       Duration: 5 Days
3. Ship's Captain Medical(STCW-95 code A-VI/4-2)                              Duration: 5 Days



1. Department of Labour Registration - Commercial Diver Training (DOL Registration No CS04)

2. IMCA recognition of South African DoL  - Class II training reference IMCA D05/10

    Link Certificate 

4. IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor Training 

5. IMCA MEMBER - Training Establishment 
    FOLLOW THIS LINK TO VERIFY SEADOG AS IMCA MEMBERS:   IMCA Members Directory - Training establishments

6. South African Oil and Gas Association - SAOGA - member 
    Link Certificate  - SAOGA

South Africa is the most developed economy in sub-Saharan African and has a long history of excellence in many sectors such as mining and resource extraction and maritime services and fabrication.  South African companies are also well-versed in the business of operating in the challenging African environment.  In recent decades the initial development of South Africa's oil and gas resources and the rapid growth of upstream opportunities in West Africa has underpinned the extension of this established capability into the upstream markets and there is now a significant upstream supplier base in South Africa - SAOGA has about 170 member companies and we are aware of many more.  Local supplier capacity is complemented by the presence of many of the world's leading service companies who supply both the domestic and regional upmarkets from South African bases.  

Please follow this link for our C-DOC website: http://www.c-doc.co.za/

South African Remotely Operated Vehicles - S.A.R.O.V.

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