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IMCA Training Establishment Member
*Department of Labour:">DOL Registration No CS04. 
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  • IMCA Recognised Offshore Class II (2) : 90 day Challenge
  • Recognition of Prior Learning: Experienced Diver Cross over Class II (IMCA recognised): RPL 
  • IMCA Diver Medic Technician Full and refresher Course (DMT): 10 day Challenge
  • IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor Course (TADS): 36 hours
  • Class III (3) Permit: Inshore: 60 Day Challenge 
  • Class IV (4) Permit: Full Face Commercial (C)SCUBA30 day challenge
  • Class VI (6) Permit: Commercial Diver: Shallow water benign diving 
  • Class V (5) Permit:  Commercial Diver:  Aquaculture, Scientific and Archaeology 
Dive Technician and Kirby Morgan Hat Courses

*SEADOG is an authorised Kirby Morgan Training facility. 
Air Dive Technician: 14 Days
Hat Technician training: 3 days
User operator Course: 2 days  
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Saldanha Bay, South Africa. 120km from Cape Town.
The Port of Saldanha is the deepest and largest natural port in the Southern Hemisphere. 
It is ideally located to hold a dominant position in the growth of the oil and gas industry.
The closest airport is Cape Town International. 
Realistic Training:  SEADOG's unique location on 700m's of waterfront with a private training jetty, provides the trainee with realistic conditions and exposure to seamanship and diver training.

Local and International Students
Transport: SEADOG offers you a professional "meet and greet" service to assist you effortlessly between Cape Town International and SEADOG diving school.
Visa: SEADOG assists with your visa applications
Accommodation: All accommodation is within walking distance.
Catering: No cleaning no cooking. All students are given a good breakfast, packed lunches for seagoing days and a hearty evening meal. International cuisine and extreme hospitality!

Our Mission
At SEADOG, we are committed to providing quality, progressive education using on-line learning and on-site skills development that produce optimal performance and safe working practices.

Partnerships: Quality Assurance
D+MER Partnership: D+MER is an online blended learning Competence Management System specific to all those involved in diving operations.
C-DOC Partnership: The C-DOC health care professional team offers on-site occupational health support and training specific to the diving industry. C-DOC offers expertise to the learners in respect of approaches to safety, first aid and oxygen administration training and diving medical emergency response planning.

Why Train at SEADOG
The quiet waters within the bay are ideal before the trainees are exposed to the rigors of diving in the open ocean on one of SEADOG's dedicated diving vessels.
Safety Induction: SEADOG is committed to occupational health and safety and safeguarding the environment. We work with our learners to provide a safe workplace. 
Watermanship: Diving is a safety critical and physical demanding task and for those reasons the learners require adequate reserves of physical fitness. Fitness is considered go be protective against decompression illness and other health risks.
Seamanship: All learners complete pre-sea qualifications. SEADOG ensures personal safety at sea, good deck work, basic rigging and good seamanship when aboard one of the 5 dedicated diving vessels. 
Working at Heights: Skills training is to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and attitudes to work at height safely. 
Staff Compliment: Qualified facilitators and assessors are tasked to encourage the success of the learner. (Ref: QCTO and NationalQualifications framework)

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Courses

SA ROV : SA ROV Training facility.

Chamber Courses
Chamber Attendant
Chamber Operator

First Aid Courses
*Training is provided by C-DOC registered Health Care Professionals with experience in the emergency care and diving medicine.
Practical Diving First Aid: for divers
Occupational Diving First Aid: for Diving Supervisors
Oxygen administration: for Divers
Advanced Oxygen Administration: for Diving Supervisors 
Approaches to Safety: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
Diving Emergency Response Planning 

STCW Courses
STCW-95 code A-VI/1-3)
(STCW-95 code A-VI/4-2)
STCW-95 code A-VI/4-2)