SEADOG has been offering online skills development since 2017. 

The commercial diver learning platform offers skills development that is accessible to all companies concerned with continued professional development in support of Diving Operations

 Skills Development + Accessible to All

 Efficient + Effective + Engaging  

People Management and Professional Development

For companies to invest in the development of their staff brings about many benefits including increased productivity, better quality of work, adherence to quality standards, improved staff retention and employee satisfaction. 

 Recruiting the right person for the right job is a very serious business

 Blended Learning

SEADOG’s industry aligned, online blended learning Competence Management System effectively prepares the learner and can reduce the contact time required at skill development centers.

+    Employees can commence training in their own time at their own pace

+    All participants are on the same level of understanding before they walk through the door.

+    Employers can prepare the right person for the right job at the right time.

Breaking Down Barriers + Moving people and their performance in new directions

 Benefits to Companies   

Employers can track progress to ensure organization funded training and professional development activities are cost-effective, goal-oriented and productive.

+    Changes the way we look at business and training

+    Enhances the learning experience

+    Reduces time way from the work place

+    Cost saving

On-line learning + On-site skills development

 Benefits to Employees

Blended learning breaks down barriers such as language and access to information.

+      Easy access

+      Building confidence

+      Improving knowledge and skill retention

+      Increasing English vocabulary

Innovation + Excellence


+     organises content

+     addresses learning and assessment

+     tracks student progression and achievement

+     offers support and guidance

+     allow access to on-line resources  


D+MER is a powerful tool to ensure an effective framework to demonstrate knowledge and skills development