Chamber Operators

Chamber Operator Course

Continued Professional Development Course: On-line learning + On-site skills development

The Chamber Operators course qualifies the course candidate to operate a chamber under the supervision of a Diving Supervisor.  The course teaches the students the minimum required theory and practical skills in line with internationally accepted standards to allow the qualified candidate to be able to apply his basic knowledge and skills on any chamber. 

Candidates may enroll for on-line learning when ever they are ready to start their career development process. The learner is encouraged to learn in their own time at their own pace. On completion of studies the learner will attend SEADOG skills assessment centre and complete required on-site skills development. On completion the candidate will be awarded the Chamber Operator Certificate.



Chamber Operator :

5 days 

 Start Date 




R15 000 (includes Lunch)

*R17 500.00 (includes meals and accommodation)