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Enrolment Forms 

Class II Offshore Commercial Diver Full Package: 90 Days

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IMCA DMT Full Coure: 2 weeks: 

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IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor: 1 week 

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Recognition of Prior learning - RPL (Experienced Divers) 

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Admission Requirements

If you are considering a career in diving, the following minimum requirements have to be met: 

Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a student not being permitted to commence training:

Diving Medical Fitness

A Diving medical is required by the Department of Labour South Africa Diving Regulation. 

Not every body is fit to become a commercial diver.

It's often better to ensure you are fit before coming for training.

It is especially important to have your ears checked to ensure you have no holes in your ear drums and have the ability to equalize.  You have to be fit and have a good pair of lungs or you will fail your lung function testing!.  

At SEADOG has 2 diving doctors. So when you book we can organise everything on arrival.

The diving doctor will check if  you are fit to dive (Diving medical Fitness) and assess how the work place will effect you (Occupational Medical Surveillance) 

Diving fitness looks at your ability:

How do I find a Diving Doctor in South Africa

Local Students:  Here is a list of South Africa Doctors:  

Click here  Your nearest Commercial Dive Doctor 

International Students: International students should undergo a medical examination in their country of origin in order to establish whether they are fit or unfit to dive, prior to paying course fees and incurring travel expenses.  No person can become a diver if they have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma or epilepsy. 

I've passed the criteria, what is the next step?

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Tips for your easy application: :

1) Compose an email:  

2) Subject: Type in the Course Name and your Own Name 

3) Press SEND To :info@divingschool.co.za 

We will get back to you! 

It's all about da money!

Course get full as their is limited space so first come first served. Your spot is only guaranteed when full course fees have been received. 

For our international students, SEADOG  will provide you with all necessary documentation ie letters of invitation, etc. in support of any visa applications.

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SEADOG ENROLMENT FORM - Enrolment for Course enquiries and bookings.

HSE - UK recognition of Diving Qualifications